10/10/12|Submitted by The Mohn Family

Wendy's Story

We’re big fans of rescue dogs! Wendy is our fourth and all have been wonderful additions to our family.

Wendy is a 5-year-old Beagle that we adopted 2 years ago. Her previous owners kept her alone in a backyard pen. They complained that she howled all the time. The shelter said she was infested with fleas when surrendered, too. Gee, can’t understand why such a lovable, affectionate pooch would howl from misery and lonesomeness. She is still learning how to play with people and she has some mystifying fears (i.e. the kitchen stove.).

Wendy is a steady source of affection and exercise for us. She loves to walk the neighborhood and visit her doggie pals. She’s eager to greet visitors and loves to share a couch or chair with us in the afternoon or evening. She’s the perfect complement to our household – a friendly, lovable creature that gives so much while asking for so little. Oh, I think I’ve heard her bark about three times.