4/19/14|Submitted by Priscilla

Willow, Gracie and Omar's Story

In 1997, I took in a puppy someone had found at a carwash in Atlanta in the aftermath of the Olympic bombing. A neighbor had gone to see the Olympics and found a box of puppies at a car wash on her way home. She chose one she thought would fit into her fur-family and brought it back to Florida.

Her pets at home rejected it so I took it on, sight unseen. It was so little, eyes still closed, no teeth yet.

I brought him to my local vet and what I had rescued was a purebred Shi Tzu.

That's my Omar.

He is now 17. Recently, thinking he couldn't last much longer, I went to a county rescue event and found Gracie, my little brown Chihuahua. She was only 8 months old.

Omar started to eat Gracie's chow and suddenly had more energy than Superman. He seemingly had a reason to get out of bed again.

A playmate and sister!

He chases her out the back door into the yard. So wonderful. Gracie the rescue sibling totally recharged a dog that only ate, did his business, then slept all day waiting to check out of here. And now six months after rescuing Gracie, I have another rescue sister for Gracie and Omar. I tried to find another little Chihuahua about a year old to be Gracie's match but after not finding one, I "settled" for a five year old sweetheart we call Willow. Willow could have been called Mellow. She is the quietest and happiest little girl.

I went to the shelter twice and overlooked her because of her age even though her demeanor begged a silent plea to be chosen. Please don't ever hesitate to choose an older dog that just sits back and lets the "kids" jump and bark to be set free. Willow just sat there not making any noise. Just looking at me with those eyes...Willow has been so easy to train, although she knows nothing about walking on a leash, she has no trouble running around in circles in the backyard chasing Gracie with joyful abandonment and freedom.

No more smelly cages with loud little puppies barking. Head on pillow tonight... Priceless!

I feel so blessed that these three have found their way into my heart and home.

Please, RESCUE. You will never be sorry. Just read the pledge and rescue! They are waiting for us. And it is only because I risk being called a hoarder that I stop at three. I know if I want to hang with the dogs, volunteers are greatly needed. Or maybe fostering? Ya never know!

Rescue dogs Rock!