1/23/13|Submitted by Sherry

Wrinkles, Reese, and Bandit's Story

My husband and I had always had two dogs and two cats at the same time. All were rescues from the Carson Animal Shelter (pound) in CA. We had Wrinkles and Reese, and Frankie our older male cat needed a friend. We adopted a kitten, "Minor". He was such a joy. One month apart they died. Frankie of cancer, and Minor a motorist. I was devastated. My husband said visit the pound. I decided with the economy the way it was it would be cheaper to get another dog. Cat size. I visited for five days, and only one dog showed any interest in me. A tiny chihuahua mix. Reese and Wrinkles are 70lbs each. So I was leary of this. But she kept screaming at me "Take me home lady"! What could I do? I brought her home, and as if she owned the place, just loved Wrinkles and Reese. Reese never play played like he does with her. I named her Bandit, cause she stole everyone's heart. Life hasn't been the same. Oh, I had all of the dogs DNA done. Reese, a Dalmatian, Bernese Mountain dog, Wrinkles, GSD, Shar-pei, Bandit is Chihuahua, Brittany. What a crowd of dogs!