3/8/15|Submitted by Rene

Zoey's Story

A nice little old man found a tiny little dog on Hwy 21. Hwy 21 is a very dangerous highway even for drivers. This man took her home and ran ads in the paper and posted signs everywhere. About a month later, I got the little girl from a friend of mine. When I brought her home this poor little thing was so full of worms, her nails were so long they were curled in her paws and she walked in circles real bad. I thought she was either really sick or very old. I had never been around a kennel dog before. The first time I took her outside she was so afraid of the grass because she had never walked on it before. It made me cringe imagining her on the very busy highway afraid to get on the grass and braving the fast cars. The 1st time she was petted, she didn't know what to do so she just melted which won my boyfriends heart. I named her Zoey and took her to the vet. I figured even if she was sick or old and only had a year left of life i was going to make it a very happy year for her. Most her teeth were gone and other than walking in circles, she seemed to love the attention. The vet said she was like 7 or maybe 8 years old and had been used only for breeding. By the way, she was a yorkshire terrior which I had a 2 year yorkie boy already at home I also decided to get her spaded.....I felt she had given birth to enough puppies in her life, it was now time for her to be a puppy. This little girl loved me so very much and was so easy to train to do anything. Her main goal all she wanted to do was to please me any way she could which she did every day. I had Zoey for a little over 3 years. One day I walked outside and she lay there dead. She never ever went outside with out me nor did she ever ever leave my side. I guess she just knew that day that she was sick. I still love her very much and am glad she did get to enjoy the last few years of her life.